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im ashamed of myself, i now understand why its blammed...

2009-08-12 16:55:32 by musicman345

i sure wish i knew how toa dd the mrsound to the swf file


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2009-08-12 20:12:02

have you tried the Forums?
do a general search on the internet.
read the Help files built in to flash if you must.

Heck i bet chapters has plenty of books that can help you out.

just don't get up set when a incomplete movie gets blamed, okay?

musicman345 responds:

:( i cant stop getting upset wjen people are F***ing blamming things and sayigng it sucks when they dont even have anything good, WTF is the point of being on newgrounds if everythign u do is blammed.


2009-08-12 20:22:54

it's simple really, people are jerks. and most of the criticism you will receive off the internet is Destructive.

the key is to get a thicker skin and stop paying attention to the pointless insults thrown your way.

It helps to work on becoming a more objective critic of your own work. Patience also helps when getting advice. since it normally takes awhile before someone who with an answer can get to you.

musicman345 responds:

yea...i guess ur right..